Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Dad Joining Ballerina Daughter When She Gets Stage Fright

Who: Marc Daniels from Hamilton, Bermuda

His dance:

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Posted by In Motion School of Dance on Thursday, May 31, 2018

Why we chose him: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been performing, every dancer can get the whirl of butterflies in their stomach when the curtain goes up—even us Rockettes! So we can totally relate to 2-year-old Bella Daniels when she took to the stage during a dress rehearsal for her first-ever dance recital at Hamilton City Hall in Bermuda.

The tiny ballerina got a case of stage fright and began to burst into tears mid-routine. Her dad, Marc Daniels, who was watching from the wings, didn’t hesitate to come to the rescue—even if he was multi-tasking and holding Bella’s baby sister, Suri!

“Bella was very emotional and needed hugs from her daddy,” the dad of three tells Independent. “Despite having a tantrum, I can tell she wanted to stay on stage and I didn’t want to discourage her before the big performance by making her be the only one to come off.”

After asking Bella if she wanted to dance with her daddy, Marc joined in—grabbing his tiny dancer’s hand as they did pliés and spins. Thankfully, Marc knew the moves since he’s practiced with his daughters on many occasions at home.

“Before having the girls, I don’t think I’d ever attempted any ballet moves before,” says Marc. “But now everyone in Bermuda knows me for my toe-pointing—maybe it’s never too late to become a ballerina.”

Our heartstrings are officially tugged.

Fun fact: When it came time for the actual performance, Bella did the dancing all on her own! Her parents had front-row seats so she could see them to calm her nerves.

Rockette kicks (on a scale of 10 to 10!):