Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Brigham Young University Mascot

Who: Cosmo the Cougar

His dance:

Why we chose him: The Brigham Young University football team may not have won their game, but their mascot definitely won at life when he joined the dance team’s performance and nailed every. single. move.

Unlike many mascots that bobble around the sidelines giving high-fives or doing silly jigs, Cosmo the Cougar danced for nearly a full minute alongside the Cougarettes, BYU’s 16-time national championship-winning dance team, as if he were one of them. He even joined the dancers in their flip at the end of the routine.

But the student with the amazing moves who dons the costume isn’t seeking Internet fame, even though the video has gone viral. In fact, he’s staying totally anonymous. All that’s been shared is that the student is a male, is a senior, and—get this—has no formal dance training!

We may not know who he is, but we do know we want to see more of Cosmo’s dance moves this football season, and beyond!

Fun fact: Cosmo does solo performances, too, like the time he challenged Mississippi State’s mascot to a dance-off!

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