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Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: Ballerinas Performing In Water at G20 Gala

Who: Ballerinas performing at the G20 Summit gala in China

Their Dance:

Why we chose them: Think staying en pointe and in sync with your fellow dancers is tough on dry land? Imagine having to open a 45-minute visual extravaganza for the global heads of state at the G20 Summit gala in Hangzhou, China … on a submerged floating platform, nonetheless!

Using Hangzhou’s West Lake as a backdrop, these ballerinas—who wore special shoes designed to withstand the wetness—effortlessly performed an excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s famous Swan Lake on a 1-inch hidden platform to make it appear as though they were dancing on the water.

“Dancing Swan Lake on the West Lake is quite special,” Zhang Yimou, director of the show, tells China Daily USA. “We jokingly said that it is probably the first dance on a real lake since the creation of the classic Swan Lake.

Flawless, ladies, flawwwless!

Fun fact: It’s not the first time Zhang has led such a jaw-dropping performance during international events. He was involved in the production of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the evening gala for the APEC leaders’ meeting in Beijing in 2014.