Rockettes Pick for Dancer of the Week: Alexander Wang Dancing Duo AyaBambi

Who: Aya Soto and Bambi

Their dance:

Why we chose them: Edgy fashion designer Alexander Wang recently released the campaign for his gothic-inspired Fall/Winter 2015 collection that debuted at New York Fashion Week—and it’s chock-full of beauties, including the mesmerizing Japanese dancing duo AyaBambi (watch a mashup of their best dance moves here!).

Set in a “raw industrial, rave-like space, the Fall 2015 Campaign reflects the collection’s hard-edge sensibility, inspired by heavy metal & Goth subcultures.” Even though the campaign features top fashion models like Anna EwersMolly BairBinx WaltonLexi BolingHanne Gaby OdieleSarah BrannonIsabella Emmack and former frontwoman of electro duo Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass, dancers AyaBambi lead the pack with their eclectic and precise choreography. (And the Rockettes know a thing or two about precision!)

“I always feel like the campaign is the final statement of the collection,” Alexander told Women’s Wear Daily Magazine. “I’ve been watching Aya and Bambi for a while since I stumbled upon them online. Coincidentally, they had just been cast for Madonna and I met them at M’s party in Paris and fell in love. They [everyone in the video] all are such individuals yet they all fit the characters of this collection seamlessly.”

Fun fact: The Japanese dancing queens, who are engaged, started off as YouTube sensations, but are quickly rising to fame after being featured in Madonna’s celeb-filled music video, “B$%*! I’m Madonna.”

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