Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: 9 Year Old Showing Off Her Dance Moves at Chicago Festival

Who: 9-year-old Sage Tenfelde from Chicago, IL

Her dance:

This little girl just went off on Psycho Bitches Set…. #goviral

Posted by Tony Martin on Friday, June 16, 2017

Why we chose her: This little ball of energy is our spirit animal! Meet 9-year-old Sage Tenfeld who has become an Internet sensation after a video of her showing off some fancy footwork (like those epic beat drops!) at a street food festival in the West Loop of Chicago, Taste of Randolph, has gone viral.

Attending the festival with her dad, Eric Tenfold, Sage was the life of the party as she took to the dance floor during Psycho B! Valerie’s set at the DJ dance stage.

“My dad’s a DJ, and he loves music, and I like to dance with him and I go to a bunch of street fairs and have fun,” Sage tells DNAinfo.

Tony Martin, a local Chicago photographer, captured Sage in the moment and couldn’t help but share the 2½-minute video on his Facebook page.

“I was like, ‘Wow! She has the moves. She is dancing better than anybody here,'” says Martin. “To have the fancy legs, arm movements and the jumping? … The way she was dancing, she’s just totally into the music completely.”

But Sage isn’t a newbie to dancing—she currently studies dance at a local dance studio, Healthy Hood, and takes summer dance classes downtown.

“I like to freestyle and make it up as I go,” says Sage. “All I have to do is, I hear the beat, and I’m off.”

Fun fact: Sage’s favorite dance styles are hip hop and house. Keep doing your thing, girl!

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