Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: 8-Year-Old Dancing Hockey Goalie

Who: 8-Year-Old Noah Young from Brampton, Ontario

His dance:

Why we chose him: Kudos to this pint-sized hockey player! Not only did 8-year-old goalie Noah Young from Brampton, Ontario perfectly nail his dance moves to Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall’s song, “Juju On That Beat” before his game (he plays on the novice AAA Canadian Brampton 45s team), but he did it wearing full gear—hockey pads and all!

Noah has been playing hockey for the past three years, and last year, he enrolled in an all-boys hip hop dance class … and it’s paid off! Since becoming a viral sensation (over 4 million people have viewed his video on Facebook!), other hockey teams have asked him to come to games and dance with their mascots on the jumbotron.

“Everybody on the team knows him as a dancing goalie,” Noah’s mom, Paige Rowswell, tells CBS News. “When he’s on the bench, you will always see him dance.”

Way to go, kid—keep dancing and stopping those pucks!

Fun fact: Noah’s epic video even caught the eye of two New Jersey Devils’ players, forward Adam Henrique and goalie Keith Kincaid, who then engaged in a twitter conversation that ended with Keith wanting to have a dance off with little Noah!

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