Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: 5-Year-Old Hip Hop Dancer at NBA Game

Who: Tavaris Jones

His dance:

Why we chose him: You know you’re witnessing something amazing when the guy everyone’s cheering for on the basketball court is only a couple feet tall.

That was the case at a recent Cavaliers-Golden State Warriors game, where 5-year-old Tavaris Jones took to the court at halftime to perform his (adorable) routine to Ayo and Teo’s “Rolex.” Backed up by the Cavaliers’ Scream Team—the team’s hip-hop dance group—the tiny Detroit native dabbed, demonstrated his fancy footwork and even showed off his own mini Rolex right on cue with the lyrics.

Clad in a sharp Adidas track suit and matching shoes, and seemingly unfazed by the large crowd, the little guy hit every mark spot on. To put it simply: this kid’s got impeccable timing.

If you feel like you’ve seen him before, you’re not mistaken. Tavaris appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when he was just 4 years old, where the dance-loving host invited him to show off the moves he had become Internet-famous for.

Even though the home-team Cavaliers lost that night, their pint-sized halftime performer truly won the night.

Fun fact: During his Ellen appearance back in 2016, the little dancer told the comedian he gets his dance inspiration from YouTube … and Usher!

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