Rockettes’ Pick for Dancer of the Week: ‘100 Years of Dance’ Toddler

Who: 2-Year-Old Amelia

Their dance:

Why we chose them: Feel like taking a trip down memory lane? Meet your tour guide: Amelia. She’ll show you 100 years of dance and how to master each craze. Well, sort of. This little lady mostly just does her own interpretations while dressed in era-relevant costumes … adorbs!

She demonstrates the ’20s Charleston while dressed as a mini-flapper, jitterbugs her way through the ’30s, embodies the passion and intensity of the ’40s tango and even dons Michael Jackson‘s iconic fedora while doing the ’80s moonwalk.

On the surface, this video is silly and cute (besides, who doesn’t love seeing pint-sized pipsqueaks dance?!), and brings back some fun memories. But at its core, it reminds us how natural dancing is, even to the littlest dancers. She might not get the moves down exactly right, yet, but one watch of this video and we see the joy of moving to music that every dancer recognizes.

Keep on dancing, Amelia!

Fun fact: You may recognize little Amelia! Back in December, the tiny tot and her dad performed a duet in a super sweet music video to the Walk the Moon’s chart-topping hit, “Shut Up and Dance.”

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