Rockettes Dance Moves: Strut Kicks

There’s much more to our iconic kickline than meets the eye—we Rockettes have many different kinds of kicks!

Often preceding and building anticipation for our eye-high kicks, strut kicks are snapping développé kicks that come up to 90 degrees. We often compare the sharp motion to a lightning bolt, or as if you’re flicking water off your foot.

So how do we support the stamina and endurance needed to perform our iconic kicks? An engaged and strong core, having good stability and balance and flexibility through dynamic stretching are key.

How-To: To do these, we start in a bevel, then link up.

2016-04-26 17_19_16In a strut kick, our leg comes up to a passé, knee lifted as high as you can. We extend the leg so it’s waist-height, but slightly crossed over so it’s in line with your opposite hip. At the full extension of the strut kick, your leg is slightly turned out and your hip is dropped.


2016-04-26 17_23_23We bring the leg back in along the same pathway (through your passé and down), in one sharp motion. Once the kick hits its fullest extension, there’s a slight acceleration to come back in.