Rockettes Dance Moves: ‘Snow’ Kicks

Radio City Christmas Spectacular Number: “Snow”

Dance Move: Kicks in Two Lines

History: We close the Christmas Spectacular with a stunning lyrical finale, full of gorgeous, sparkly costumes (about 432 Swarovski crystals are embellished on each costume!), balletic movements and real falling snow! The movements of our “Snow” number are unique—just like snowflakes.

How-To: This kick sequence is particularly challenging because we’re not linked up at all, and there’s many changes of focus, direction and arms. This also brings changes of kicks—like kicking in front of us and kicking on a diagonal.


In our classic “Snow” arms, one arm is up in a shallow “V” and our other arm is centered over our head with a bent elbow and both wrists are broken, while our fingers of that hand just lightly touch our other arm.


The other position we use here and other places throughout the number are our “diagonal arms.” We create a diagonal line by twisting at our waist so our shoulders set up the diagonal, and our arms extend from there with our front hand flexed and our back wrist broken—creating one diagonal line.

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