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Rockettes Dance Moves: ‘Sleigh Ride’ Reindeer Knee Pops

Christmas Spectacular Number: “Sleigh Ride”

Dance Move: Reindeer Knee Pops

History: Through the snowy mist of the magical Northern Forest, we Rockettes are revealed as Santa’s reindeer in the first number of the Christmas Spectacular, “Sleigh Ride,” eager to make that special unscheduled flight—direct to New York City.

This number itself is quite magical (after all, Santa arrives with good cheer in his special sleigh, bursting with presents just in time for the big show at Radio City Music Hall!), and we carry Santa’s sleigh across the stage in our mystical Reindeer costumes, bringing the whole audience along for the ride. Here we’ll show you a subtle part of the choreography that appears a few different times throughout the number: reindeer knee pops.

How-To: Our hands are placed on our hips, with our thumbs forward and our other fingers together, wrapped around our waist pointing inward on our backs. This is a classic Rockettes position that we call H.O.H. for “hands on hips.” Our elbows are drawn back and the arms remain in this position.

As we move backwards for the knee pops, we switch from one open bevel to another with a strong, straight back leg.