Rockettes Dance Moves: ‘Rag Dolls’ Box Spin

Christmas Spectacular Number: “Rag Dolls”

Dance Move: Box Spin

History: In 2014, we brought back a Christmas Spectacular fan favorite—a spirited number that offers a glimpse of child’s play at its best: “Rag Dolls.” This high-energy tap routine takes the audience through Santa’s workshop while the rag dolls (a.k.a. us!), wear whimsical and charming costumes, kicking, tapping and spinning their way to the top of everyone’s holiday wish list. One of the most memorable parts of this number is when we dance with wooden blocks—which is harder than it looks!

How-To: To do our box spin, we start standing behind the box with our right foot centered behind the box, and the left toe on the outer edge of the box. We lower our hands down in front of us to grab the box, lift the back edge off the ground, tilt it to the side, pull the corner of the box back towards us to prep and push it out to spin. Once the box is spinning, we take our left arm across the chest and lift it up, palm facing out—as if to say to the audience, “Ta-da!”