Rockettes Dance Moves: ‘New York at Christmas’ Circle Kicks

Christmas Spectacular Number: “New York at Christmas”

Dance Move: Circle Kicks

History: Our “New York at Christmas” number is impressive for many reasons—from the rotating double-decker bus that sails down Fifth Avenue to must-see sights coming together in Times Square under a rainbow of pulsing neon lights to an onstage, dazzling costume change. In this number, we do one of our most challenging kick sequences … in a moving circle!

How-To: To prep, we bring our feet together in a plié facing out of the circle, then link our arms up and turn our hips on the angle we’ll be heading. Our shoulders maintain facing out of the circle, so our body is twisting at the waist.

To link up, our front arm goes behind the arm of the Rockette in front of us, and our back arm goes in front of the arm of the Rockette behind us. Our hands are lightly resting on the shoulders of the woman on either side of us—similar to when we link up in a regular kick line, where there’s no touching and we have to hold our own center!

In the circle during this number, we do three different kinds of kicks—our famous eye-high kicks, developé kicks into a plié and a long attitude kick. Each of these has different corresponding head movements.