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Rockettes Dance Moves: Linking Up

Ever wonder how our iconic eye-high kicks are so precise every single time? One critical element is the way we link up. While it looks like we’re holding each other while we kick, we’re not! We call it “feeling the fabric”—an extremely light touch on the backs of the women to either side of us.

How-To: Although we are not relying on our Rockette sisters for support, this light touch (in addition to number lines on the stage and our peripheral vision) helps keep us in a straight line while we’re kicking.

Begin in a Hands-On-Hips Position2016-04-26 17_27_49When we are about to get ready for a kickline, we begin in a hands-on-hips position—thumbs forward, hand wrapped back and around your side, fingers pointing in towards each other on the back. In Rockettes world, we call this position “H.O.H.” for short (hands on hips). Elbows here are relaxed in a neutral position.


Link Up2016-04-26 17_29_52On the count designated for us to snap and hook up, our hands come up behind the backs of the women on either side of us. Our right hand is higher than the left in between the shoulder blades of the woman to our right, and our right elbow is slightly lifted so as not to hit the left arm of that woman. The left hand is in the middle of the lower back of the woman to our left. We are not touching the backs of the women on either side of us—just “feeling the fabric!”