Rockettes Dance Moves: ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ Santa Runs

Christmas Spectacular Number: “Here Comes Santa Claus”

Dance Move: Santa Runs

History: Ever wonder how Santa manages to deliver so many presents to so many little ones all over the world in just one night? Does his sleigh move at lightening speed? Are there special powers hidden in his red velvet suit? Actually, Santa has quite a few Christmas helpers. In this magical number highlighting the wonders of Radio City Music Hall, Santa multiples over and over again in a rousing number where we Rockettes, joined by the ensemble, all dress up as Kris Kringle (beards included!). The choreography in this number is harder than it may look, hidden beneath our 8-pound Santa suits. But trust us, we’re working hard to achieve that iconic Rockettes precision! Here, learn how we do our Santa Runs.

How-To: Our hands are in fists, but they never touch each other and maintain the same distance apart. Our arms move as a unit, from side to side, the elbows flat and stop sharply as if our elbows are hitting a wall. (It’s as if a rope is connecting our fists; so the space between them is maintained as they’re moving side to side, as opposed to moving as two separate arms.)

And our legs aren’t just jogging in place! We kick the back leg up to a coupé position, with a flexed foot that is detached from the supporting leg. The supporting leg maintains a plié while we switch from one leg to another.