Rockettes Dance Moves: Guiding Right

Of course you’re not surprised to see us Rockettes in exact and perfect lines on the Radio City Music Hall stage (after all, we’re known for our precision choreography!), but have you ever thought about how we stay in a straight line? It’s a technique we use called “guiding.”

Usually when we’re moving within the performance space, our heads are facing straight ahead at the audience. So when we’re not able to turn our head completely (like we do during the Christmas Spectacular’s “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” Squad Revolve), we have to use our peripheral vision; or as we like to say, our “sneaky side eye” to stay in formation.

How-To: The easiest way to do this is by turning your head to the right. If we’re in one line and guiding right, this puts a lot of responsibility on the far-right end Rockette of every line to know where we’re moving. The rest of us are guiding to that dancer.

2016-04-26 17_00_48

But not all of the choreography lends itself to turning your head to the right. Depending on which way we’re facing on the stage, we may be guiding in-stage, downstage or upstage.

2016-04-26 17_15_54

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