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Rockettes Dance Moves: Bevel

The bevel is a classic Rockettes pose! Bevels are part of our choreography and transitions, but we also bevel off the stage quite often—it’s a more formal pose that we use in photo shoots and during on-camera interviews.

How-To: An easy trick to remember when mastering this iconic Rockettes stance? Imagine you’re wearing a pencil skirt—drawing everything in so it gives the appearance of two legs morphing into one.

2016-04-26 16_54_26In our closed bevel, your supporting foot is slightly turned out, you’re toe-to-toe (or bunion-to-bunion, as we like to say) and your opposite knee is pulled across your center.

2016-03-06 15_10_25We are typically in a closed bevel, but also may use an open bevel. During the “Sleigh Ride” number of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, we switch from one open bevel to another during the Reindeer knee pops!