Rockettes Christmas Games: “Guess It” With The Claras

The stars of our Nutcracker scene in this year’s Christmas Spectacular put our Holiday knowledge to the test in a friendly game of “Guess It”!

Claras Elliana, Rebecca, and Avery each took their turn acting out several, iconic, Christmas Characters to see how many we could name—not an easy feat for some of us.

“Hm, long hair with pants? You have long hair and pants!” Rockette Katelyn takes a wild guess. Our hilarious wrong answers only prompted the Claras to get more into character, (Avery’s “Grinch” impression is spot-on!) and when each lady started kicking up her ballet slippers, we all knew—’Rockette’ made the list!

In the end, it didn’t matter how many we got right, but how much fun we had with the Claras playing our favorite game…and guessing Mariah Carey on the first try, of course.

Watch all of our answers in our video above!

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