Rockette Lindsay’s Many Family Memories at Disneyland

Icome from a family of diehard Disney super fans. Before I was even walking, I had my first visit to the Magic Kingdom. I should’ve kept track better, but I think I can count at least 25 trips to Disneyland in my entire life—all special in their own way! 

Every chance my family got, we’d hop in the car and drive the six or seven hours from Sacramento to Southern California to be transported to Mickey’s magical world. If there was ever a new parade, a new attraction or just a fun holiday celebration with special decorations, we’d try and be there for it. I even ran my very first half marathon at the first annual Disneyland Half Marathon!

The most memorable trip that my whole family took together was when I was in high school and the brand new park, California Adventure, opened up. We stayed at the park’s hotel and spa with a view of Grizzly Peak (a themed land in the park) and we were just totally immersed in all things Disney for five days straight. Not only were the attractions great, but the food and creative experience put on by Disney was so enticing, as it is every time. Being such enthusiasts and having the chance to explore every inch of this brand new place right when it opened was beyond amazing—plus to experience it together as a family was the absolute best.
From running all over the park with my sister to get every character’s autograph, to waiting extra long in line to ensure the best seats on Thunder Mountain with my mom, to just riding the old school train all around the park with my dad because it was his favorite ride, I have so many amazing memories from spending time with my family at Disneyland. I will cherish them forever!

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