Rockette Hopefuls Line Up Outside Radio City Music Hall

Although it seems like we just hung up our Santa suits, the summer season was in full bloom on Tuesday, Feb. 23 in New York City where there were open call Rockettes auditions for the New York Spectacular, an amazing show that celebrates our home, the Big Apple.

Over 200 dancers from all over the globe lined up outside Radio City Music Hall with the hopes of landing a spot in the line.

“I grew up in a small country looking up to New York as the city of dreams and aspiration,” says Amsterdam native Giulia D. “So being here auditioning for the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall is one of the biggest moments of my life.”

The Rockettes are the only precision dance company in the world, and because we pride ourselves on that precision and detail, the production team started off auditions with a short but sharp, specific combination that requires basic technique and excellent attention to detail.

“I encourage you to get as many as the details as I ask of you into your body as fast as possible,” Karen Keeler, the Director of Rockettes Creative, told the dancers.


Rockette hopefuls lining up to perform the detail-oriented combination in front of the production team

While there was a lot of new talent at auditions (you must be between 5’6″ and 5’10½” and be proficient in ballet, tap and jazz), the audition itself is rigorous and can be over within minutes if you’re off your game.

After the short, detail-oriented combination that focused on technique, the dancers then moved on to tap and jazz combinations—with several cuts made throughout the afternoon. But for those that made it to the final cuts, there was nothing but positive energy in the air.

“To make it all the way to the end of auditions is an incredible feeling,” says Florida native Brittany. “I am so excited to just see what happens next. I feel like I was confident and did all I could do … I’m excited to see what happens!”