3 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Cardio Kickboxing


Photo Credit: Jupiterimages | Getty

Photo Credit: Jupiterimages | Getty


ab, cross, hook, uppercut! Guess what, ladies and gentlemen. Kickboxing, a form of martial-arts that fuses boxing with elements of karate, isn’t just for tough guys anymore. People across the country are burning calories, building muscle, increasing flexibility and engaging their core with this one-stop-shop workout—and you know we Rockettes can’t resist kick-related activities. From relieving stress to learning self defense, here are three reasons you should be kickboxing right now:

1. Total Body Workout
If there’s one thing the hardest working ladies in show business need, it’s an efficient workout routine throughout the year. Thanks to cardio kickboxing, this high-energy workout strengthens, tones and reduces fat all at the same time. And did we mention you burn quite a bit of calories?! According to a study from the American Council of Exercise, a 175-pound individual could burn approximately 400 calories in just thirty minutes. Not too shabby.

2. Stress Reliever
Nervous about that audition? Worried about that upcoming presentation? When you’re practicing the art of kickboxing, you’re releasing endorphins (stress produces enzymes that lower the amount of endorphins) from the body that help relieve pain and aid in decreasing depression, according to the American Fitness Professional and Associates (AFPA).

3. Self Defense
And a final perk that doesn’t come with most exercises: self-defense knowledge. Many kickboxing classes will explain the “why” behind what you’re learning, not just the “how,” so you know which moves are ideal if you ever find yourself in a not-so-safe situation. Get into kickboxing and stealthy moves like the jab or uppercut may just become a reflex that could become a serious resource for you if ever needed.