Putting the ‘Dance’ in Sundance 2014

We were invited by John Cooper, the Director of Sundance Film Festival, to Park City, Utah to see the sights and teach some lucky film-goers our choreography during “Free Fail” Day—a series of classes during Sundance where the idea was to embrace failure as a necessary part of success, give people the freedom to fail “safely,” then get back up and try again.


Rockettes Adrienne (left) and Lindsay (right) posing alongside John Cooper

Our Fail Safe workshop was called High Kicks with the Rockettes. It took place at Park City High School, where we taught a group of guys and gals of all ages, and had a blast guiding them through high kicks and some of the choreography from the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers number in the Christmas Spectacular.

“Cooper” (as he’s referred to familiarly) took our class, did an amazing job and became our newest honorary Rockette and Park City bestie. After we wrapped up, he took us along to the Eccles Theatre to introduce Song One, a film starring the Oscar-winning and all-around amazing Anne Hathaway.

We got to meet Anne briefly at the screening and had a mutual gush fest about what big fans we are of one another—she’s just as sweet in person as we thought she’d be!

Aside from class and our impromptu presenting duties, we had some time to walk around Main Street and check out more of the festival! Click here to see some snapshots from our trip!