Video: New York Spectacular ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Statue

Meet Kacie Sheik, who plays Alice in Wonderland in our New York Spectacular. You’ll see her crawling, singing and dancing on the statue (similar to the iconic sculpture in Central Park!) as Alice comes to life on the Great Stage!

“The Alice statue is involved in all the movement that’s happening in this wild world we’re creating,” says Kacie.

So how does the Alice statue—whose sculpture elements are Styrofoam covered in an environmentally-friendly Epoxy shell and metal inner-workings—come to life? It’s controlled and operated by three puppeteers all hidden behind the giant mushroom in which the Alice statue sits on.

“There is one puppeteer who controls the head, eyes and torso, and then we have two other puppeteers who control each of the arms,” says Matt Acheson, the Statue Designer/Director of the production. “They really have to work together and feel each other and give each other clues on where the movement is going to go next.”