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Video: Mia Michaels on Making the New York Spectacular

Mia Michaels, well-known for her groundbreaking work on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, has collaborated with artists like Madonna, Celine Dion and Prince. This summer, she joins us at Radio City Music Hall as not only choreographer, but as director of our New York Spectacular.

From a very young age, Mia fell in love with New York City. It was all about her craft and artistry, and she did everything she could do be involved in New York City’s dance world—from selling pointe shoes to ballerinas to teaching classes at Broadway Dance Center. “Right away people loved my style,” says Mia. “I became a huge teacher here in New York City. New York was my home and New York is where I became an artist.”

Although Mia has been much more than a choreographer for quite some time, this is her first official director credit which she is beyond thrilled about.

Working with the Rockettes as a director and choreographer, they’re everything that I would have dreamt them to be,” says Mia. “Their talent, versatility, personality, power and their relentlessness of perfection. They’re incredible.”

As a creator, Mia sees her spectacle in every direction—from hearing and seeing the sound to the lights and visuals to the one-of-a-kind costumes designed by Emilio Sosa.

“We’re creating a new look for the Rockettes—through couture fashion, through video mapping, through the sound of it in the story; it’s taking the tradition and pushing it. It’s making it contemporary and making it fresh” says Mia. “You walk into that space [Radio City Music Hall] and you feel the magic of New York City.”