Maddie Ziegler Takes Center Stage In New Video Campaign


hether you know Maddie Ziegler from Lifetime’s Dance Moms or as the pint-sized star in singer/songwriter Sia’s music videos, one thing is for sure: Maddie is a dancing queen. (She even came to Radio City Music Hall to dance with us Rockettes!)

As the brand ambassador for dance apparel and accessories brand Capezio, it was only fitting for Maddie to take center stage in the company’s new video campaign, “#DanceInYou.” Paying tribute to the grace and heritage of ballet while inspiring dancers to beat to their own drum when pursuing their passion, this short film is an affirmation of self-expression through dance and movement.

“Self expression in dance has always been so important to me, so I fell in love with the concept of this film,” Maddie tells the Huffington Post.

Not only do you get to see the talented 13-year-old dancer spontaneously break out into footloose freedom, but you get to watch her encourage the other budding ballerinas at the barre to follow suit.

“Hopefully it will remind young dancers everywhere that expressing yourself can be empowering, contagious and fun.”