5 Life Lessons You Learn From Dancing


ance teaches you more than how to chassé. It improves more than your flexibility, and it builds more than your strength. Think about it—the qualities you take on as a dancer don’t just help you in the studio. From self-confidence to teamwork, here are five life lessons you learn from dance that may help you succeed at school and work, too:

Determination. No one was born knowing how to high kick or plié. You got there by practicing. You tried … you didn’t get it. You tried again … you got closer. And finally, you got it. Take your determination to reach your goals to school or work, too. Spend an extra hour with your textbook. Track down that study guide—even if it’s in the weird, scary part of the library where no one goes. Stay late to put together the best proposal. When your project calls for extra hours and work, you’ve got the endurance to handle it.

Put simply: Because you’re a dancer, you just don’t do sloppy. Think back to your disciplined and perfectionist dance teacher or coach—would she accept anything less than the best? Nope and neither should you when it comes to school work or work projects. Proofread your paper—twice. Double-check your calculations on your lab report. And when your boss or teacher walks by your desk, she’ll smile a little because, hey, it’s actually pretty organized.

Teamwork. You know the importance of a team that’s in sync. If a fellow dancer is lagging behind, the whole team is affected, and so is the final product. So speak up and do your part on group projects, and encourage others to shine, too. Try to make a team or group member look not-so-great, and you’ll all end up looking not-so-great. To succeed in school, work and dance: Rely on your group, and let them rely on you, too.

Self Confidence. 
Remember the first time you stepped into the dance studio? You didn’t know what you were doing, but you learned. And the more you learned, the more confidence you gained. So at school or work, push yourself to do something you’re a little afraid of because you know you’re going to rock it. Audition for the solo in the school play. Volunteer to present your work in front of a room full of suits. Just think of being on stage right before the curtain goes up, and think: I can’t wait to show them what I’ve got.

Talent. Even if dancing is your strongest talent (or even if it isn’t), don’t forget you have others, too. Think of that amazing feeling when you’re dancing … that feeling exists in other parts of your life, too! Are you an awesome baker? Volunteer your best-ever brownies for the bake sale or a party at the office. Do you have an eagle eye? Offer to proofread a final document. Play to your talents and not only will you feel good, but you’ll also leave a great impression.