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Laura Benanti’s Comedic Web Series — Watch Them All Now!

The New York Spring Spectacular is a love letter to New York and the hard-working people who live here. Our original, 5-part comedic web series, “Workin’ It,” stars Laura Benanti, who plays Jenna in the show, and spotlights the valuable contributions of everybody from baristas to tour guides, by doing their jobs for them. Or at least trying. But it doesn’t always go so well! Just see for yourself:

Laura Gets Her Kicks
Since Laura stars as Jenna in the New York Spring Spectacular, alongside the Rockettes, you’d think she can probably dance with them, right? Think again! She hasn’t taken a dance class since her first grade recital in 1986. So she calls on a special dancin’ friend to get through this one.


Can Laura Benanti Make a Latte?
New Yorkers depend on coffee, but when Laura takes over her local coffee shop, can they depend on her? She learns from Patrick, her real-life local barista, how to froth, foam and have fun with the costumers.


Getting Lost With Laura Benanti
Laura is joining a Radio City Stage Door Tour as a surprise celebrity tour guide. However, the tourists aren’t quite as excited as Laura, and she leads them on a meandering, improvised and mostly erroneous tour of the Great Hall. Spoiler alert: they make it out…eventually.


Laura and the World’s Biggest Slice of Pizza
Laura’s stopping by her favorite place on earth — Grimaldi’s Pizzeria — to make her favorite thing in the world: pizza. We’re about to find out whether or not Laura is as good at making pizza as she is eating it.


Haus of Benanti
Inspired to create her own fashion line, Laura challenges designer Emilio Sosa (Project Runway, New York Spring Spectacular) to a “sketch off.” She doesn’t exactly win, but her designers — and her models — are certainly original.

See Laura and the Rockettes in the New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hallnow through May 7!