Jennifer Lopez’s 8 Best Dance Music Videos

It’s official: Jennifer Lopez is a total queen on and off the stage. While she’s one of TV’s leading ladies—starring on the NBC hit show Shades of Blueas well as producing (and appearing as a judge) on the new dance competition series World Of Danceshe’s also a fashion designer, mom to adorable twins, Emme and Max, and a wildly successful singer and dancer whose Latin-cultural influence in pop music has made her an inspirational icon. So in honor of J.Lo’s birthday, here are our eight favorite videos of the international superstar shaking what her mama gave her:

1. “If You Had My Love” | 1999jlo-if-you-had-my-love-dance-video-articleThe debut single for the superstar, this upbeat-tempo tune is one J.Lo’s many signature hits that topped the charts. In 1999, it received four MTV Video Music Award nominations: Best Electronic Dance Music Video, Best Female Video, Artist to Watch and Best Pop Video. Get it, girl!


2. “Goin’ In (feat. Flo Rida)” | 2012jlo-goin-in-dance-video-article-newWith bedazzled pink lips, bright neon lights and exploding paint bombs, this stellar music video (the song was on the soundtrack for Step Up Revolution!) shows off the pop diva’s fierce dance moves and epic style.


3. “Get Right” | 2005jlo-get-right-dance-music-video-articleEven though it’s hard to keep up with the oh-so-many characters Jennifer plays in this video, it goes without saying that she SLAYED the choreography. The video also landed her four MTV Video Music Award nominations in 2005 for Best Choreography, Best Electronic Dance Music Video, Best Direction and Best Editing.


4. “Jenny From the Block” | 2002jlo-jenny-from-the-block-new-dance-video-articleA total J.Lo classic! Even though the theme surrounding this video is about the media invading the personal life of “Bennifer” (remember when her and Ben Affleck were engaged!?), the superstar shows off her killer dance moves … and rock-hard abs!


5. “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” | 2001jlo-love-dont-cost-a-thing-dance-video-articleRockin’ a crop top and cornrows, Jennifer keeps things interesting with her hard-hitting choreography in the sand at a tropical beach. This video, which won the ALMA (American Latino Media Arts) Award for Outstanding Music Video in 2002, is famously known for featuring her second husband, Chris Judd, as her backup dancer.


6. “I’m Glad” | 2002jlo-im-glad-dance-video-articleRecreating scenes from the 1983 dance film Flashdance, this video was to pay homage to J.Lo’s own life story as a dancer growing up in the Bronx who used freestyle street moves to climb her way to fame. While it was the ultimate tribute to the classic film, it created two different lawsuits: one was a copyright infringement from Paramount, the rights-holder to the movie (Jennifer’s record label settled out of court), and the second was from Maureen Marder, the dancer whose real-life story inspired Flashdance (her suit was dismissed).


7. “Waiting for Tonight” | 1999jlo-waiting-for-tonight-dance-video-articleLeave it to J.Lo to have a sizzling dance party in the middle of a jungle with flashing green lasers (this video won the 2000 MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video!). “I wanted it to be fun and have a certain type of energy, and he [Director Francis Lawrence] came back with the treatment of the video where it was this millennium party in the jungle,” Jennifer told MTV when talking about the video concept.


8. “Ain’t Your Mama” | 2016jlo-aint-your-mama-dance-video-articleJennifer throws down some sexy choreography while dancing up a storm as she stands up for women around the world. #GIRLPOWER