Jasmine Meakin Goes Behind-the-Scenes with the Rockettes

The New York Spring Spectacular is led by director and choreographer Warren Carlyle and has a cast filled with dance super stars including Derek Hough, Jared Grimes, and, of course, the Rockettes. The show is a dance powerhouse. So what happens when you throw Australian dance star Jasmine Meakin into the mix? More dance magic, of course.

Meakin runs the Mega Jam dance studio in Brisbane, Australia and has become a YouTube star thanks to her dance tutorial videos, which have racked up millions of views and earned her fans across the globe. When Meakin paid a recent visit to New York City, of course she wanted to dance with the legendary Rockettes—and they were thrilled to have her join their rehearsal. In this video, Meakin heads into the Rockettes studio to strut her stuff with the Radio City stars.

How amazing is Jasmine? Watch her “Uptown Funk” it up with the Rockettes!