How to Eat Like A Rockette When You’re in NYC

Living in New York is like having a passport to the world of cuisine! From Artichoke Basille’s Pizza to Burrito Box, here are a few of our favorite places we enjoy popping into around NYC to grab a bite after a day at the dance studio (Hint: If you couldn’t tell, Rockette Christine is a true NYC foodie!).


sarah-grooms-headshotVesta Trattoria & Wine Bar. It’s out in Astoria, and it’s a little hole-in-the-wall Italian place. They have great food and they bring in local fruits and veggies each week, which means the menu is constantly changing—it’s never the same!” —Rockette Sarah G. [Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar; 21-02 30th Ave.; 718.545.5550]


amber-ownes-headshotFreemans. The décor is amazing—it has a cool, relaxed vibe. It feels as though you’re in a lodge!” —Rockette Amber O. [Freemans; 191 Chrystie St., end of Freemans Alley; 212.420.0012]


sarah-staker-headshotArtichoke Basille’s Pizza. It’s really thick, gooey, cheesy pizza with artichokes and spinach on it. It’s the most delicious thing!” —Rockette Sarah S. [Artichoke Basille’s Pizza; various locations]


nicole-schuman-headshotBurrito Box. It’s just a little takeaway place, but I LOVE it (there have been times when I think that I’ve gone nine days in a row!). Why grocery shop when there is a “Burrito Box” right around the corner?! —Rockette Nicole S. [Burrito Box; 885 9th Ave.; 212.489.6889] 


tiffany-g-headshotDiWine Restaurant & Wine Bar. This is a great little place in Astoria that has been a staple for me. It has great food and it’s not going to break the bank—I just love going there.” —Rockette Tiffany B. [DiWine Restaurant & Wine Bar; 41-15 31st Ave.; 718.777.1355]