How It Works: Christmas Spectacular’s ‘Santa’s Workshop’

Get ready to travel all the way to the North Pole as the magic of Radio City Music Hall wraps the audience in Santa’s colorful magic toy factory. One of the most intricate numbers in the Christmas Spectacular, “Santa’s Workshop” comes to life as the cast and crew work together to coordinate several onstage props including scenery changes and pyrotechnics.

“Santa’s workshop is one of the most exciting sequences we have in the show,” says Stage Manager Hilary A. “There are scenic pieces, there are prop pieces, the train starts coming on … it’s a very exciting sequence and very complicated! It takes a long time to get through the technical rehearsal to make sure it all happens safely.”


But one of the more tricky moments in this number is when an ensemble member drives a “train” around the stage carrying other cast members. “The trickiest moment is when he has to stop the train precisely on stage so that everyone can continue their choreography,” says Austin. “At the end of the number, he has to drive the train off stage. That’s really tricky because our backstage is not very big.”

During the number, moving scenery and props, smartly timed video effects and ensemble dancers weave on and off stage strategically to bring Santa’s Workshop to life. “It’s really a magical moment and a lot of fun!”