How It Works: Christmas Spectacular’s ‘Nutcracker’


very little one dreams of opening presents and getting toys on Christmas morning, but what if their favorite toy actually came to life? The ‘Nutcracker’ number in the Christmas Spectacular is a unique and magical take on the beloved Christmas tale of Clara and her giant dancing teddy bears. As the dancing begins, music fills the air and Clara transforms into a ballerina like no other as she and her twirling bears dance the dance of their dreams.

“Right at center stage there’s what we call the ‘Ballerina Box.’ It’s a huge gift that opens up with two swinging doors,” says Stage Manager Caskey H. “While the beginning of the number is happening, stage managers and crew are backstage using flashlights helping the three ballerina bears get inside the box.” The ballerina bears prop themselves up and hold onto the sides of the box as the doors swing open to the stage. “[Once the doors open] the crew has to catch the door quickly so that they don’t see the crew in the back.”


Throughout the number, more dancing bears come to life to dance with Clara. “We also have one of the ‘Nutcracker’ boxes that the Prince comes out of,” says Stage Manager Hilary A.  “And what we call the ‘Magic Box’ where the baby bears come out of.”

The number ends with all of the magical toy bears (there are Russian Cossack bears, panda bears, baby bears and tutu-clad bears; many of them standing over 6 feet tall!) dancing on stage with Clara. “It’s a lot of fun and when they all come out and they do the big dance at the end,” says Hilary. “It’s really fun to see!”