Hands Off! Derek Hough Gets A Lesson In New York Fandom

Derek Hough is used to having fans cheer for him, grabbing him on the street, however, is an entirely new phenomenon.

Hough spent years waltzing under the bright lights on Dancing with the Stars and earned a dedicated fan base of dance enthusiasts across the country. But, when he came to New York to play Jack in the New York Spring Spectacular he learned that New York fans can be very interactive with their favorite stars, whether it’s shouting his name from across the street or pulling on his arm during his commute to Radio City Music Hall.

“I’ll be walking with my headphones in and then suddenly …the clutch of death,” said Hough. Luckily, it usually turns out to be a well-intentioned 75-year old woman who just wants to tell him how much she appreciates his work. “It’s awesome. It’s something I actually love,” said Hough.

Want more Derek Hough? Don’t grab him on the street, but check out the New York Spring Spectacular when it opens on March 26th.