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Going Behind the Scenes with Heidi Klum

By Lindsay H.

Throughout their 90-year history, the world-famous Rockettes have shared the stage—and unforgettable adventures—with many other world-famous personalities. They have appeared at such iconic events as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Super Bowl and on TV shows like America’s Got Talent and Night of 100 Stars. The Rockettes are taking a moment to reflect on their favorite stardust memories.


Heidi Klum (in green) in a Rockettes costume with Tim Gunn and the Rockettes.


feel like Heidi Klum and I are like old pals. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to work with her at numerous Rockette events, including both Project Runway and America’s Got Talent. As a supermodel, business mogul, TV star and fashion icon, she is so inspirational—she even inspired the name of my adopted pup, Heidi!

The first time I met her was when we were filming a Project Runway episode—the designers were tasked to create a new costume for the Rockettes. Heidi, alongside the amazing Tim Gunn, joined us on the Radio City Music Hall stage to announce the challenge.

When it came time for filming, she popped out of the curtain dressed head-to-toe in our Rockette costume. She wore it well (no surprise there!) from the shoes and a red lip to the classic French twist. She was so bubbly, yet determined to nail those high kicks—and she did, which is unheard of with guest kickers.

Lindsay and her pup, Heidi.

Lindsay and her pup, Heidi.

After the performance, a few of us taller girls took some photos with Heidi, but after a few snapshots, she stopped and demanded that everyone be in the picture. It was such a nice gesture as everyone had worked hard, and, after all, we are a team.

Months later, when the episode aired, it was so great to hear her talk about the Rockettes with the designers—she really respected us and spoke so highly of our athleticism and grace.

The second time I met Klum was at the premiere of America’s Got Talent at Radio City. The Rockettes were doing a big opening number to reveal the four judges, and Heidi helped kick it off with us. Even though this dance had more choreography than the Project Runway kick-line, she nailed it.

Between takes, Heidi even asked us where we got our dance clothes from — she loved how we looked so sleek and clean. I mean … holy cow did Heidi just ask me where I got my clothes from?!

When we got to the live show the energy of the crowd was insane, and the dynamic of the four judges was hysterical. Heidi and former Spice Girl Mel B hung with all of us Rockettes backstage taking pictures and making us laugh.

This was one memorable night.

Lindsay H. has been a Rockette since 2003. She currently resides in New York, NY.