How to Ask Questions In Dance Class



here are no wrong questions in dance class—but there is a right time to ask a question, and a best way to ask it. Read on to find out how to get the answers you’re looking for:

Before you ask a question. Rehearse the combination or movement full-out during your teacher’s demonstration or explanation. During this time, be a good dance student: watch closely, listen to what your dance teacher is telling you, and try to apply it to your rehearsal as best you understand it.

If others are asking questions, listen to the comments, corrections and answers they receive and try to apply them. Then, and only then, if something is still confusing you, ask your own question.

The right question. If you can’t be specific when you ask a question in dance, you probably need to work some more on retaining the choreography first. If memory isn’t the problem, here are three types of questions you might ask:

  1. Ask about details of a movement for clarification since you’ve already been told or shown the combination. Be careful not to “ask” with a statement such as, “I don’t get what’s going on with the arms.”
  2. Ask your teacher to correct one thing that is challenging or feels wrong—identify your problem spot first and then get their advice.
  3. Ask your dance teacher to show a specific part one more time instead of asking how to do a step but, for the sake of your teacher, use this as a last resort and watch very closely.

The right timing. A question during dance class should always be about what you are working on right now.

  • The best time to ask a question is when the teacher asks if there are questions.
  • The second best time to ask is when the teacher has finished explaining and there is a moment when they look at the class for understanding.
  • The next best time is after you’ve politely said, “excuse me” or raised your hand during a moment your teacher is not talking to the class.

What about right after class? Depending on your teacher’s schedule, they may be able to answer a quick question after. Let your teacher know when class is finished that you’d like clarification, advice, or to see something again and then ask your teacher when might be a good time.

Respect the time of your teacher and the other students in dance class by keeping your questions to a minimum. You can only fix one or two things at a time and too many questions slow down the dance class.