From Studio to Stage: New York Spectacular’s ‘Welcome to New York’

Our New York Spectacular features this high-powered number set to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York.” With 36 strong women dancing and running around on the Great Stage, we have to keep our every movement calculated and precise.

“It starts with a huge wall of fog and out come 36 Rockettes just storming downstage with their strong walk,” says Karen Keeler, Associate Choreographer of the New York Spectacular. “It’s just a great representation of who these women are—they’re strong, powerful and gorgeous.”


While the change of formations that we do during the number look easy, the fluidity of the choreography is very calculated. At one point we’re doing an army cross where six lines swap through each other; and it’s a nerve-wracking moment because we’re so close as we’re walking fast (and backwards!) while passing each other.


You can see just how precise our choreography is when we bloom out into a bigger formation that we call the nucleus and figure eight. (This is the point in the number when there are two little nuceli and a group running around them in a figure eight.)

“I just think ‘Welcome to New York’ is staged so well and geometrically that the patterns and the shapes are really pleasing to the eye,” says Karen. “And with the way the costumes are designed, it’s really specific to the strong and beautiful choreography.”