From Studio to Stage: Christmas Spectacular’s ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’


t’s only fitting for Santa Claus to bring up the curtain as we Rockettes take the Great Stage for the Christmas Spectacular and tap our way into the hearts of our audience with a nearly six-minute rhythmic, rousing version of the beloved holiday carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

“It’s the most incredibly well-planned use of choreography and spacing that I’ve seen,” says Rockette Natalie R. “It was one of the numbers that really made me want to be a Rockette!”


As Santa tells the audience that he has brought them a gift, the iconic curtain rises and you’re greeted with a “whole line-up of stockings” (aka Rockette legs!) and live taps courtesy of our custom shoes that are fitted with their own microphone.

“Twelve Days is a really amazing tap number that the Rockettes do,” says Christmas Spectacular Director and Choreographer Julie Branam. “The lights come up and you only see the Rockettes legs doing the work, which is really a great intro into the number.” As the number continues, the choreogprahy turns into a high-energy jazz number with us Rockettes dancing our way through the days leading up to Christmas.

“It’s just this amazing work of math and skill and genius all paired with awesome tap dancing and really cute moves,” says Natalie. “It’s pretty brilliant!”