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Fan Connections: Spreading Joy Through Dance

“The energy that comes from me when I dance is a freeing, loving spirit and the people feel it more than anything,” Courtney shares. That spirit and infectious joy is visible on Instagram, where the airline customer service representative uploads her dances for everyone to see (Courtney has more than 15-thousand followers!).

Inspired and moved by her ability to spread joy through dance, we reached out and learned she’s a huge fan of the Christmas Spectacular, but she hasn’t seen the show since she was young. Since the holidays are a time to connect with loved ones, continue traditions and start new ones, we brought Courtney and her family to Radio City Music Hall to see the show, together.

“To be here and connect in the same space where the Rockettes perform is just a powerful, beautiful feeling,” she says gazing around the Large Rehearsal Hall.

What Courtney didn’t know is that we were just outside the door, waiting to surprise her before our performance!

See our full dance session in the video above!

Join us for the 2019 Christmas Spectacular—the show is running now through January 5th at Radio City Music Hall!