7 Excuses Dance Teachers Are Tired of Hearing


ance teachers hear the same old excuses for not taking a dance class all the time. Here are the seven of the most common cop-outs they’re sick of hearing and reasons why they shouldn’t keep you from dancing:

1. “I’m too old”too-old-dance-excuses-articleDancing is for everyone at any age. Plenty of dancers start later than most and become professionals at the top of the dance field. If you don’t care for a career in dance, age is even less of an obstacle and no reason to hold back.


2. “I don’t know how to dance”
not-know-how-dance-excuses-articleSeems obvious but if you already knew how, there would be no point in taking a dance class! Sure, you’ll feel a little out of place at first. Almost everyone does. Your dance teacher may expect you to work hard, but if you are in a beginner’s class, you won’t be expected to already know what you are doing.


3. “I am too out of shape”
not-fit-dance-excuses-articleThere’s no need to wait and get in shape before starting dance lessons unless your doctor has concerns. Dance classes are designed to develop the strength and flexibility you’ll need for dancing. If you feel like a dance class may be above your fitness level and you want to close the gap, focus on nutrition and add more movement—like walking or exercise—to your daily routine.


4. “I’ll look stupid”
looking-silly-dance-excuses-articleDon’t let fear of judgment keep you from dancing. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable when trying something new. When you consider that the teacher is rooting for you, your classmates are worried more about their own dancing and you can only get better with practice, this excuse just doesn’t hold up.


5. “I’m recovering from injury”injury-dance-excuses-articleNearly everyone comes into a dance class with some physical “baggage”. Of course, you’ll want to clear any medical conditions with your doctor, but, dance can help increase strength, flexibility, circulation and maybe even help with your symptoms. Just be sure to talk to your teacher and listen to your body.


6. “It costs too much”expensive-dance-excuses-articleKeeping an eye on your pocketbook is a positive thing but dance is an investment in yourself. You can’t lose or wear out the new skills and benefits you’ll gain and dance can improve your life. Do some homework and find a class that fits within your budget, learn how to save on dancewear or cut out that daily latté. Just like time, money is spent according to priority.


7. “Others may not approve”dont-understand-dance-excuses-articleIf friends and family members are resistant to the idea of you dancing, it’s likely that they don’t understand its advantages. Educate yourself so that you can share that knowledge with naysayers. If others still don’t get your dance obsession, shake it off and dance anyway!