Etiquette 101: 12 Dance Class Rules You Should Follow



veryone wants to be an A+ dance student, but before you become the apple of your dance teacher’s eye, there are a few simple rules of etiquette every newbie should take to heart in preparation for that first dance class:

  1. Go jewelry-free. Obtrusive jewelry is potentially dangerous to you and others.
  2. Listen while the dance teacher is talking. That means no talking while they’re talking. Not even quietly to your neighbor.
  3. Stow away the cell phone. Turn off—don’t just silence—your cell phone. Putting it on vibrate can still make distracting noise.
  4. Don’t film or take pictures in class. Always ask your dance teacher’s permission before recording or photographing any portion of your dance class.
  5. Pay attention at all times, especially when waiting for your turn. You don’t want to get caught slouching or looking bored. And don’t ever sit down unless you’re asked to.
  6. Stay for the entire class. It’s always best to stay for the entire duration of the class, but if you must leave early, talk to the teacher beforehand and make your exit as quick and discreet as possible.
  7. Don’t leave and come back into your class. Stay in the studio for the entirety of class—no ins-and-outs. This can be distracting to your fellow dancers.
  8. Always arrive on time. If you can’t avoid being late, enter very quietly and wait for the OK from your teacher to enter the dance floor. After class, be sure to apologize for your late arrival.
  9. Let advanced students stand in front. Even if you arrived first, avoid the front of the room unless you know the combination.
  10. Demonstrate good spatial awareness. This includes giving the instructor space, but don’t crowd those in the back of the room to do so.
  11. Try your best. If you make the mistake of taking a dance class that’s above your skill level, never walk out of a class or sit down in frustration—hang in there and try your best, no one will fault you for that.
  12. Be courteous and respectful. At the end of class, applaud and thank the instructor.