Eating Clean at the Holidays: Charcuterie Board

Eating Clean With the Rockettes


he holidays are about spending time with friends and family, making memories, and of course—eating delicious food. While we Rockettes are trying to eat more calories during the physically-demanding Christmas Spectacular season (we perform in up to four shows per day!), we know that many look to cut back on calories while still being able to enjoy their Thanksgiving or holiday dinner.

Whether you’re hosting or attending, a simple charcuterie board can be a super impressive contribution to the party. The idea is to just overload it with raw and pre-made treats—think raw almonds, cashews and pistachios, good crackers or bread, cheeses, fresh fruit, pickled veggies, mustards, olives and other marinated goodies!

People love the informality of eating with their hands; it feels very casual yet festive and special. Here, Rockette Tiffany and our Head Athletic Trainer Elaine Winslow are sharing a healthy offering for the classic charcuterie board. Just remember, the beauty of this tasty treat is that it’s completely customizable:

Choose a variety of traditional meats

Applegate Prosciutto
Applegate Genoa Salami Trio (uncured Genoa salami, uncured peppered salami, uncured herb salami)
Applegate Mini Pork or Mini Turkey Pepperoni
Applegate Soppressata
Applegate Black Forest Ham
Applegate Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Select a few different types of cheeses

Applegate Provolone
Applegate Extra-Sharp Aged Cheddar
Blue cheese

Add some crunch—like fresh & dried fruits, veggies and nuts

Fruits: Grapes; blueberries; figs; apples; pears; cherries (they’re a great anti-inflammatory property!)
Veggies: Cucumbers; cherry tomatoes; red peppers; carrots; watermelon radishes
Nuts: Almonds; pistachio; toasted walnuts (these are rich in magnesium and other nutrients that are important to your health!)

Finish with a dip

White bean dip (great for added fiber!)