Derek Hough On Why You Should See the New York Spring Spectacular


“The New York Spring Spectacular is a kaleidoscope of entertainment,” said Derek Hough, who plays Jack in the show that takes over Radio City Music Hall from to now until May 7.

To prove his point, Hough indulged in a little well-deserved name dropping: “We’ve got Amy Poehler doing a voice and Tina Fey and Whoopi Goldberg.”

If comedy legends aren’t enough, Hough has another angle: “There’s even a sports section of the show that the boys will like with Carmelo Anthony and Victor Cruz and all these legendary athletes making cameos,” said Hough.

Even tech-heads and theater fans will find a lot to love in the New York Spring Spectacular. “There are so many different elements that make this a great show—the effects, the way they use these LED screens to transport you to different parts of New York, the water effects, there’s fountains and rain,” said Hough. “There is something for everyone to enjoy.”

“This show is out there. It’s not taking itself too seriously,” promises Hough. “We want to entertain the audience and take them on a journey. We want to give them a spectacle, a spectacular show, hence the name. It’s really fun.”

“You’re not going to walk out of this show saying, ‘oh man I need to rethink my life’,” said Hough. “You’re going to walk out feeling good, light and full of joy. You’re going to walk out saying I just saw a really great show and I want to go eat an ice cream cone.”

“Just come see it!” says Hough. Seems like a good idea.