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Dancer of the Week: Justin Bieber Joins James Corden for a “Toddlerography” Dance Class

Who: Justin Bieber

Their dance:

Why we chose him: ‘Toddlerography’ is back and this time Justin Bieber is taking center stage alongside The Late Late Show host James Corden to learn some new moves from six adorable dance instructors. 

The hilarious segment finds toddlers teaching a dance class to unsuspecting adults (Corden is usually accompanied by an A-list celebrity) who must follow along.

“You’re really sweating, class hasn’t even started yet,” Justin asks concerned. 

“I’m just a little jittery man, these instructors—they don’t mess around,” James warns before pointing to their new instructor—a four-year-old dancer.  

Justin, who was there to promote his new album “Changes,” found himself doing everything from kicking to cartwheels (which Corden opted out of)even suicides were part of the class. What’s more, they danced to the pop star’s hit 2009 single “Baby.”

While this isn’t the precision dancing we’re used to, we’re loving the enthusiasm and heart Justin put into this class (at one point a toddler falls by accident and Justin is quick to follow her).

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