Dancer of the Week: Family Goes Viral By Attempting the Triangle Dance Craze

Who: The Fleming Family

Their dance:   

Why we picked them: It’s not easy dancing in unison with more than one person (trust us!); it takes teamwork, dedication and hours of practice. So we’re tipping our hats to the Fleming family who were committed to perfecting the new Triangle Dance craze, which requires lots of coordination and focus.

This new viral dance challenge picked up momentum online earlier this year and requires three people to stand in a triangle formation, holding each other’s shoulders, and taking turns hopping with both feet in-between the other two participants. It’s almost as hard to explain as it is to attempt!

Despite the Fleming’s initial struggles (at one point you think they finally have it as they Irish jig into the kitchen from another room, only to watch them fumble again!), the family was finally able to perfect the dance. Since the Fleming family posted the clip to Facebook, it’s gained 1.5 million views and been shared nearly 15,000 times!

The spirit of the dance is reminiscent of other viral challenges, like the mannequin challenge, and has everyone from professional dancers to coworkers trying it out for themselves. Now excuse us while we go watch more videos of people attempting this online…

Fun fact: This isn’t the first time the Flemings have gone viral! Last year, they earned a segment on Jimmy Kimmel for their reaction to a rogue bat wreaking havoc around their kitchen.

Rockette kicks (on a scale from 10 to 10!):