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8 Tips for Fixing and Preventing Snagged Dance Tights


e hate pulls in our tights as much as you do. Brush up on the barre, catch them on a fingernail or the zipper of your dance bag—snagging your tights is too easy! Luckily, repairing them on the fly can be just as effortless. Here are eight tips for fixing and preventing those dreaded snags:

1. Clear nail polish. Dabbing the snag with clear nail polish won’t repair the run, but it will stop it from getting bigger. For added snag prevention you can spray it with hair spray, which will harden the tights in the area surrounding the hole.

2. Needle and thread. This only works on mesh lycra and nylon (like most seamed ballet tights) and fishnets, not as well on soft, supplex ones—sewing those can actually cause more runs and snags. When there’s a large round hole in your tights, find a matching thread and move around the hole like a clock, stitching first from 12 to 6, then 1 to 7, etc.. This will draw the tights in evenly from all sides, which won’t affect the overall fit as much as stitching from left to right, for example.

3. Recycle. Say you have a hole in your black tights that’s mid-thigh or above. You can still wear them under casual skirts or dresses in the winter with no one being the wiser.

4. Double Up. If you have multiple pairs of snagged tights, chances are, the runs or holes aren’t in the exact same spot. Wearing two pair will make the flaws less noticeable.

5. Always air dry. Hot dryers can damage the elasticity of your tights and weaken the fibers that prevent runs.

6. Size up? You’re more likely to get runs when your tights are, well, too tight.

7. Bring extras. Always be prepared. There’s nothing like a slight wardrobe malfunction right before the curtain rises to throw you off. On performance days bring an extra pair (or two) to keep your mind at ease. But…

8. In a pinch. This works especially well with black tights. Should you get a hole right before you’re supposed to go on, you can always grab a small piece of gaffers tape backstage and put it on your skin directly under the hole. Got a last-minute long snag? Try coloring over the exposed skin with a Sharpie. Now that’s hardcore.