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Cooking Grilled Pineapple Salad With Carla Hall

By Lindsay H.

Throughout their 90-year history, the world-famous Rockettes have shared the stage—and unforgettable adventures—with many other world-famous personalities. They have appeared at such iconic events as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Super Bowl and on TV shows like America’s Got Talent and Night of 100 Stars. The Rockettes are taking a moment to reflect on their favorite stardust memories.

Rockettes Kristin, Sierra, Lindsay and Sam with The Chew's Carla Hall

Rockettes Kristin, Sierra, Lindsay and Sam with The Chew’s Carla Hall


hat can I say about the one and only Carla Hall? To sum her up in one word, she is AWESOME! While I’ve been lucky enough to have met Carla a few times on the set of her ABC show, The Chewshe is no stranger to Radio City Music Hall! From visiting us backstage after shows and dropping off her delicious petite cookies to our dressing room to learning some classic Rockette eye high-kicks, she is a regular. (In fact, she might just be our #1 celeb super fan!)

I have a lot of fantastic moments with Carla—you know you’re going to be in for some laughs when Carla is in the house!—however, my favorite moment has got to be getting to cook alongside her during The Chew.

Rockettes Alissa and Lindsay met with Carla Hall backstage after the New York Spring Spectacular (she even brought them cookies!)

Rockettes Alissa and Lindsay meeting Carla Hall backstage at Radio City Music Hall (she even brought them cookies!)

A few years back, a group of Rockettes appeared on The Chew to promote our show. I went into full spazz mode when I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity, and to say the least, it was one of the most unique things I’ve been able to do as a Rockette.

Going to the set of The Chew is like going to see old friends. Everyone is so inviting and kind. When we arrived on set, all of the hosts and production team greeted us with hugs and warm baked sweets.

When Carla saw us walk onto the set in our sparkling fringe costume, she instantly started shimmying and screaming! However, I have to admit I was a little nervous trying to keep up with those fantastic chefs on camera. I love to cook at home, but I was pretty sure that either my knife skills weren’t up to par or I’d flip or dip something too early.

Thankfully, Carla guided me along the entire way, and by the end of it, not only were there giggles but we had made a pretty tasty grilled pineapple salad!

Getting to cook with Carla was such a special treat! Her energy and enthusiasm shines through and within minutes, you feel you’ve made a new best friend. She has an admirable zest for life. Her great attitude and passion for what she does is infectious—qualities to live up to whether being a chef or a Rockette.

In fact, Carla would fit right in at Radio City! Carla, come kick with us anytime! We’ll swap cooking lessons for dancing lessons. Deal?

Lindsay has been a Rockette since 2003. She currently resides in New York, NY.