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Rockettes’ 5 Clever Alternatives to Wrapping Paper


is the season for living rooms to be covered in a sea of beautiful, festive crumpled paper and fancy bows! Festive wrapping paper is almost as irresistible as the Christmas Spectacular, but beautiful or not, when the gifts have all been opened, store-bought gift wrap typically ends up in the trash or recycle bin. From holiday-inspired grocery bags to scraps of fabric, here are a few clever wrapping paper alternatives that are a little outside the (gift) box.

Photo Credit: Erin Boyle | Reading My Tea Leaves

It’s time to read, wrap and recycle! Turn all those old magazines sitting on your coffee table into beautiful, one-of-a-kind works of art when you’re in the gift-giving spirit. Bonus? Unlike newspaper, the ink doesn’t rub off the pages.
[Inspiration: Reading My Tea Leaves]

Photo Credit: Rachel Beyer| Evermine Occasions

Have an old cable-knit sweater or silk scarf you no longer wear? Put it to good use by wrapping gifts in scraps of fabric using furoshiki, which is a traditional Japanese cloth-folding technique that allows you to wrap items in a single piece of cloth.
[Inspiration: Evermine Occasions]

Photo Credit: Marie LeBaron | Makes and Takes

Reusable containers in the food storage aisle at your local grocery store are looking good these days. Many of your favorite brands are festively designed with snowflakes, snowmen and other seasonal symbols around the holidays. Add a printable gift tag and some colorful twine trimming, and these reusable containers can box more than just tasty treats or a batch of our favorite no-bake energy bites.
[Inspiration: Make and Takes]

Photo Credit: Leslie Shewring | A Creative Mint

Paper grocery bags come in lots of festive illustrations during the holidays! Not only are they easy to get your hands on, but they also give your presents a rustic feel—just add some red and white twine, Christmas-patterned papers or decorative tape for that extra touch.
[Inspiration: A Creative Mint]

Photo Credit: Jen | Drawings Under the Table

The shiny foil on the inside of empty snack bags would add sparkle to any present. Just slit the bag along its seam, wash it with soap and water, and lay it out to air dry before you use it. Speaking of foil, you can also sculpt aluminum foil from your kitchen pantry into flowers, bows or abstract shapes to craft unique gift-toppers.
[Inspiration: Drawing Under the Table]

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