Bella Thorne Has An Unexpected Favorite New York Movie

From Miracle on 34th Street to The French Connection to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, New York City has been the backdrop for some of the most famous movies in cinema history. The Duff star Bella Thorne’s favorite New York flick? Uptown Girls, the 2003 film starring Brittany Murphy as a free spirited nanny to a tightly-wound little girl played by an adorable Dakota Fanning. “My mom and I watch it a lot,” said Thorne.

“I think Uptown Girls really shows how beautiful the city is,” said Thorne, who plays Alice in Wonderland in the New York Spring Spectacular. “There are a lot of scenes where it’s more about the scenery, and I think that’s really cool.” Want to find out her other favorite New York movie? Watch the video.

But this isn’t the only thing Bella Thorne adores about NYC! Check out a few more reasons why she loves the city—like the fashionthe pizza and the magic behind it all!