Behind the Spectacular: “New York At Christmas” Circle Kicks


rom a double-decker bus touring the New York City Christmas sights to our famous eye-high kicks performed in front of a glistening Times Square backdrop, there is so much to see in our “New York at Christmas” number. But one of the most iconic moments? Our Circle Kicks.

This part of the dance is different from our famous kicklines as we form two circles at center stage (an inner and an outer circle) and rotate in different directions as we are kicking.

“In a traditional kickline, our hips and shoulders are facing the front. In the circle, we have to twist,” Rockette Bailey explains. “Our shoulders are facing outside of the circle while our hips are facing the direction of the circle.”

And that’s not all! Each Rockette must maintain a smile and look up, while occasionally stealing a glance at the floor to stay in position.

“Our teachers and choreographers are always really specific about the shape of a circle, so we really work on trying to stay within our boundaries of our lines, in our numbers,” Rockette Sophie H. adds. “[It’s] the true epitome of precision.”

Join us for the 2018 Christmas Spectacularthe show is running now through January 6th at Radio City Music Hall!