“New York, New York”: A Standing Ovation Every Time

Way before Jay Z and Alicia Keys got people in an “Empire State of Mind,” Frank Sinatra was setting the mood for loving the bright lights of the big city with his rendition of “New York, New York.” From the opening bars to the closing lines, no song comes close to capturing the wonder of it all, so naturally it had to be included in the show’s number, “Radio City New York, New York”.

Rockettes Christine and Danelle love how this scene showcases the Rockettes as the powerhouse dancers they are—after all, this number is one of the first times that fans get to see the leggy ladies do a classic kick line. “By the end [of the number], we’re in a huge kick line and the audience goes crazy,” says Christine. “It’s like a standing ovation every time.”

This, too, is an exciting moment for the Rockettes as they travel closer and closer to the audience. They love that they have the opportunity to make eye contact with so many fans on their way to the passerelle.

“It’s one of the moments when you feel the power of being a Rockette,” says Danelle.

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